Adnan Nabi

Dear Uncle,

I can’t wait to see you in the United States. Before you come to the United States; I would like to tell you some things about my neighborhood. I like my neighborhood a lot in the United States. In my neighborhood, people are very polite, quiet, respectful, and helpful. If I am going to my house and I see them or they see me outside, the first word they will say is hi. When I am coming from school, they ask me, “How was school today?”

When I first moved here, I felt kind of sad and bored, because I didn’t know anybody. Then, after a month, I met some cool new people. Sometimes I sit outside with my little brother. One day, some guys came from the park. They were walking home. They saw me and said hi to me. I replied back to them. The next day, I was in my backyard with my little brother playing around and I saw these same guys walking to the park. I said hi to them; they came over and told me; “I never saw you around before.” They asked me; “Are you new here?” I told them, “Yes, I am new here and this is my house.” We talked to each other for a few minutes. Later they asked me, “Would you like to go with us to the park and play soccer?” I replied, “Sure.” I then met more people in the park, and I started to make friends in my neighborhood. Some of my friends like to make their sports car look good. I always fix and wash cars with my friends. On Saturday, we like to play soccer and football in Columbus Park. Also, we go to the gym and do weightlifting.

We do a lot of things in summer or when the school is off too. We go swimming a lot in the summer. We play football every Sunday in the morning because it will be hot if we play in the afternoon. From Monday to Thursday, we go to the gym and do weightlifting. Also, sometimes I take some computer classes in the college with my friends.

You’ll like meeting my friends and also seeing that there is a lot of Afghan culture in my house. When I come into my house, the first thing I see is the Mecca picture. It’s in front of our door. The smell of lamb that my mother cooks also hits me as I enter the house. There is a picture with the Quran writing on the wall. Also, when I am talking to my Afghan friends it does remind me a lot of my culture. These are all things that remind me of my culture.

Before you come to the United States, I wanted to let you know about me and my neighborhood. I hope you will like it when you get here, and I hope you will make many friends like me.

Adnan Nabi

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