Alejandra Ochoa

Dear Karla,

Everything is different since I moved to another house, the one I’m living in now. You know how we had fun together when we were neighbors. I miss hanging out with you. Do you remember when we used to go to the swimming pool, play outside with balls, go to the laundry, go to Circle K to buy snacks, talk about life, and always being together? I miss that so much. Even though we were not in the same school, we knew so much about each other. You were always there for me, and I was always there for you.

I still remember how we met, because of our brothers. They were also close friends. Our brothers were going to the swimming pool but they needed someone to be taking care of them, so we went to take care of them and we stared a conversation. I’m glad we met; even though it was a long time ago. I still want to hang out with you again.

Now, in my neighborhood, everything is boring. I don’t do anything except be in my room when I’m at home. In my room, I listen to music, look at magazines, watch TV, do my homework, eat, wash my clothes, dance, sing, help my mom cleaning the house, sometimes take care of my little brother, and talk on the phone. It’s boring. I mean I did all those things when I used to live near you, but I had fun. I feel like a prisoner, just in the 4 walls of my room when I’m at home. People don’t go outside. I don’t think there are many kids or teens in my neighborhood because I have only seen like 3 kids and 4 teens. There is a park near my neighborhood with a playground, and enough space where kids can play, but people take their dogs there instead of children and it does not make the park safe for kids. Dogs can get mad and aggressive if someone tries to touch them, or just because there are a lot of dogs around. Without exaggerating, each person takes 2 or more dogs at a time.

I don’t feel secure in my neighborhood. There is some graffiti on the garbage cans and on some walls, beer cans, and cigarettes outside on the street. Sometimes, I wakeup at nighttime because I hear police cars, police helicopters, and sometimes ambulances near my house. I get afraid and I can’t sleep anymore. Last year, some people stole a car and left it at my next-door-neighbor’s with guns and drugs. It’s scary, huh?

The only thing that hasn’t changed is family love. We love each other each day even more. We listen to each other and we help each other. We are always together, and when we make a decision we share it. We have talked about our neighborhood; we all want to move somewhere else. I only feel safe when I’m with my family. I can’t wait until we move to a better and safer place.


Alejandra Ochoa

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