Alejandro Garay

Hi Juan,

I write this letter to you because I want to let you know how I am doing in my new house. I want to tell you the way I feel in this new place where I live. First of all, I live on Mabel Street and it is a peaceful place to live. My neighbors never try to have a discussion with us; it is like you are alone from them. They never try to talk to you.

This neighborhood is not bad at all. It is like every place. You will never find the perfect place to live. Sometimes you have to choose the better place for you. I think that this place is good for me, just for a few years because I want to finish university.

I want to tell you how different my life is from when I was in Mexico. I don’t do the same things that I did in Mexico. It is completely different from here in the US. In Mexico, I used to go everywhere I wanted, but here in the US. I can’t. If I want to go walking to the house of my friend, I can’t because he lives far away from my house. Each block is too big and there are also big streets, and if I go walking, I am going to spend more time walking than being with my friend. That’s why most of the time we have to use a car, but I don’t have a license to drive a car so I can’t go wherever I want. That’s why it is harder for me to have fun with my friends.

I miss where I used to live because in that place I had all of my relatives. When I was there, I always used to play basketball and soccer with my cousins. Even though we now live here, we are still going to Mexico every weekend to see my relatives, especially my grandmother. She was the one who cared for me when I was little because my mom had a job, so she had to work. I feel like my grandmother is like my mother too. Right now she doesn’t feel healthy, so I want to spend more time with her and have fun. She has a ranch. Well it is kind of ranch; it is like a place with some plants and some animals like goats and dogs. That’s it, we don’t have too many kinds of animals there, but we used to go every Sunday in the morning because it is the best place for our relatives to have fun together. Every time we go there, my mom and my aunts bring something to eat and sodas. But we come back in the afternoon because we have a big trip to make back to Tucson. It’s not the same because I just spend one day with my relatives and I feel like I need more time there. I think that in spring break I am going to have a great time with my relatives.

I miss my friends from my old neighborhood. In this place where I live, I don’t have friends. I am lonely. I just have friends in school; they are good friends, but I am still missing my old neighborhood. That’s why I want to come back there. I hope some day I will be back to Mexico to enjoy time with you and all my relatives. I feel more comfortable knowing that you know something about me. It is hard to be in a place you don’t like, but sometimes you have to make an exception for your future. In my case, I am in the U.S. to have a better education and more opportunities to find a job and be successful in my future. So I hope that I am in the right way for myself, and I hope you receive this letter. Bye.


Alejandro Garay

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