Arthur Jallayu

The Positive Place for Kids and Teenagers

Hi people of the world. Let me take you on a tour of my neighborhood. When I take you around my neighborhood, you will wish to live here. I live in a unique neighborhood. This area has a lot of fun places for your kids. In my mind, I see this area as a positive place for my kids in the future. Parents with kids and teens will like to live in this neighborhood.

First, let me take you to the Girls and Boys Clubhouse. This is the Girls and Boys Clubhouse. It is located on Grant Road. It was fabricated in 2003 on Doolen Middle School campus. It was built for kids from ages 7 to 17. It’s a school and an activities zone. Young adults are always hanging out there. This area reminds me of my young age in my homeland. When I was nine years ten months old, I used to go to my school every evening to play sports. Every time I pass by this building, I see kids and teens playing. Some of them are there to socialize and they watch their friends play sports. I imagine my life at age twelve. When I see the children playing sports with their friends, I wish I could be the same as they are. I wish I could do that when I was young.

Doolen Middle School is part of my neighborhood. This school is located by two major streets. The main entry is on Country Club Road. It has two small entries on two little streets. You can enter from east Water Street and Flanwill Boulevard. I live on the other entry on Flanwill Boulevard. I always see kids coming from school walking home. The students make me think about the kids I will have a few years from now.

The orange building is so nice in my hood. This building is a school that I love in my neighborhood. Doolen Middle School building is orange. The orange color that I lived with before. It reminds me of the orange color of my adopted country, Ivory Coast. If I could live here for all my life, it wouldn’t bother me. I am free just because of the color of the school building. If you live in this neighborhood, you will always be free and secure. It has secure power every where and every time. It is a school zone, so your kids can wake up in the morning and just walk to school. You do not have to give them ride to school. They walk to school and come back by themselves.

This school has a play ground. You can take your kids there every weekend or during your free time. You, the parents of the kids or teens can go there to get some exercise anytime you want. What a nice and fancy neighborhood I live in! If you want to live here, please do so. You and your children will have fun anytime of the day.

Let me take you to the close areas to shop and eat. There are some stores and restaurants. AutoZone is in my neighborhood. AutoZone is an automobile body part store. You can buy a lot of stuff you might need for your car. Next to AutoZone, you can get to a clothes and materials shop: Family Dollar Store right behind the bank, left of Auto Zone. I shop at: Tropical Food Store; Seven Eleven Store; Family Dollar Store, and Auto Zone. There are also a lot of ATMS at Wells Fargo Bank. These are the fast food restaurants you can eat at: Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, and Robert’s Restaurant.

I wish that I could live here and have kids here. It is a fantasy neighborhood. I wish that more people could see the things that I see in this neighborhood. I really love my neighborhood. I feel that it is secure and fun to live in. It seems like the safest zone in the whole world. I am glad to live in a neighborhood. If you want to live in this community, please do so. You can meet people. It has it own middle school and a clubhouse for kids and teens. It is my dream neighborhood.

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