Building Stronger Community

↪ Student Writings & Digital Stories

Students in the 2009-2010 Finding Voice Project cohort explored a variety of topics related to their communities, with particular emphasis on education policies and student behaviors at school, discrimination and prejudice, and giving and receiving help in times of need. During the fall semester of 2009, students worked on individual pieces of writing about one of these topics with which they had personal experience and which they felt they needed to address as a step forward to make a change. During the spring semester of 2010, students then researched, photographed, talked with community leaders and activists, and collectively worked to find solutions and to build a stronger community here at Catalina, in Tucson, and globally to the extent that their work is able to influence peers, policy makers, and community leaders around the world. Working in small teams, they created digital stories that synthesized their experiences, ideas, and research. These digital stories were shared at the May,2010 Finding Voice celebration and presentation, as well as at community meetings in partnership with local non-profits and social service agencies in Tucson and as juried selections in the 2011 Arizona International Film Festival. Their writing and their digital stories call the community to take action, to make individual and social change.