Mustapha Lumeh

On War: Citizens of Tucson, be aware that war is like losing your parents or becoming powerless in your own country, without regard or encouragement from others which makes you feel proud and honored to continue with your life. If … Continue reading

Rahat Nabi

On Immigration: I think the world needs to help immigrants. If someone new comes to a country from some other country to have better life or study, the government should help them. People who become immigrants don’t want to become … Continue reading

Mohamed Taha

On War & Immigration: War is one of the worst places to be without protection or power. War grounds are not a joke or a play ground. Soldiers are thinking of killing; people are hoping to survive. Bombs exploding, guns … Continue reading

Maria Carrillo

On Immigration: When I hear about immigration, the first thing that goes though my mind is all the people that go to other countries to have a better life. Emigrating is hard for many people that don’t have the money … Continue reading

Jesus Villarreal

On Immigration: I think the world has to change and throw out all the borders. All of the countries should get together and just be one country in the world. People should treat all people the same and to be … Continue reading

Francisco Chavez

On Immigration: Many people cross to the U.S. illegally because they don’t have a green card, a visa, or a passport that can help them cross to the U.S. without having a problem. Many immigrants risk there lives to come … Continue reading

Dioney Santiago

On War & Immigration: I think people in Tucson should know that war is not the best way to solve problems with other countries. We should talk about what we want for our country and what other countries want for … Continue reading

Christian Ledezma

On Immigration: Immigration has been a very big issue for years, and now with all these new laws that are coming up it’s getting even worse. Some of the laws are just plain racist and stand to hurt immigrants and … Continue reading

Abdikadir Omar

On War & Immigration: War and immigration are very big issues in the world today and I think people have enough knowledge or experience with these topics. I say this because almost every country has some issue with another country. … Continue reading

Kadar Iman

On War: Most people don’t know about war. We refugees can give some ideas and explain why people are running from their homeland. Some people left their family in their homeland. They have a big family so they have to … Continue reading

Ihab Abed

On War: War and killing is the worst thing ever for a person to think about. War destroys countries, families, and the future. War can cause immigration and separate families. We can reach one goal in many different ways, so … Continue reading

Ilse Rivera

On Immigration: I think most of the people that cross the border illegally do so because they want a better life here in the U.S. I think that immigrants are very helpful to this country. Some immigrants are just trying … Continue reading

Jorge Guerrero

On Immigration: I want Tucson to know I don’t like the current policies. The government needs to keep it together and focus on other things like war instead of being on the Latino communities backs doing these stupid things like … Continue reading

Larissa Mancilla Olivares

On Immigration: Immigration is difficult because you worry about a lot of things like if the border patrol will come for you. It is very sad that the government destroys families because of certain laws and restrictions. Immigrants are coming … Continue reading

Salou Word

On Immigration: People are striving for their life. They don’t know what will happen in their life. Immigrant people don’t have any inspiration to help them. Immigrant people don’t have the support to do something, and they don’t have the … Continue reading

Sara Nabi

On War & Immigration: I think people should know that immigrants leave their country because there are no jobs or they have some other problem. Immigrants come here to get jobs and they are willing to do jobs that we … Continue reading

Lawrence Kanneh

On War & Immigration: Do you know why immigrants leave their country? I want people to know that immigrants leave their country because of war, jobs and for other things they can’t provide for in their country. War is when … Continue reading

Andrea Gamez

On Immigration: is complicated and sometimes unfair. Immigrants come to the U.S. not to do bad things, but because we have needs that in Mexico or in other places we can’t take care of. The laws are changing to bad; … Continue reading

Ismail Mberwa

On War & Immigration: I think people should know that immigrants leave their countries because of war and no jobs. Immigrants come here to get a good education and have a better life. Many immigrants wouldn’t leave their countries if … Continue reading

Joseph Howe

On War & Immigration: One thing Tucson should know about people that left their country because of war or people that immigrated to the United States is that they leave their countries and come to the U.S to live a … Continue reading

Makhammad Aslanov

On Immigration: People move from countries to other countries for a better life. Everybody hopes to live the life well. My family moved from Turkey to Uzbekistan, from Uzbekistan to Russia, from Russia to U.S.A. They were in search of … Continue reading

Sabir Kenya-Wani

On War: I think it’s extremely important that people of Tucson should know how war affects people’s lives. It’s something easy to begin and hard to solve. It’s devastating if we look over the refugees who emigrated from their countries … Continue reading