My Education, My Future

My Education, My Future Today the AZELLA, the Arizona English language assessment for refugee and immigrant students decides their proficiency and the level of their English classes. If we pass it, we will be in regular English, but if we … Continue reading

United? States

United? States By Awa Chibasa, Thierry Chibasa, Naomi Cummings, Bhagawati Dahal, Ali Hammed, and Mariama Kpandebia I was so excited to come to the United States. Given the name United States, I thought everyone would be united like one family. … Continue reading

Why Not Love

Why Not Love? Divided we fall, together we accomplish great things By Awa Chibasa, Thierry Chibasa, Naomi Cummings, Bhagawati Dahal, Ali Hammed, and Mariama Kpandebia Have you ever lost your homeland because of racism, discrimination, hate and violence? Do you … Continue reading

Hurting Others Hurts Me

Hurting Others Hurts Me By Fatma Hameed, Sara Mubembe & Flor Urquilla In Iraq, my friends and I called the new students in my school “ugly, little child,” and we made them cry. We thought what we were doing was … Continue reading

Alma Ruiz

Poverty-Let’s End It Pobrasa – Terminémosla Living in poverty is painful because you feel depression stress and especially isolation. Getting no help from no one thinking the worst. Can’t even get a good education because you can’t afford to buy … Continue reading

Mallidy Maie

Scared to ask questions I always want to get more help with my work, but I don’t know how to ask my teacher because I am afraid to ask. I am scared to ask when I need help because it … Continue reading

Chandra Khanal

I am Chandra. I am from Nepal. Over 105,000 Bhutanese have spent up to 15 years living in refugee camps established in Nepal by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. The UNHCR and agency volunteers help people to get … Continue reading

Ngenzirabona Jerome

Behave History: The things you should do to get respect are: 1. First you should respect yourself. If you have respect for yourself, you feel better. 2. When you feel better, you feel like helping others. 3. When you help … Continue reading

Khabib Shakmamedov

Help for Newcomers I came to the U.S. on February 9, 2006. A refugee resettlement agency, the I.R.C., helped my family to get food, a bus pass and things for the apartment. They gave us nice beds, a nice TV, … Continue reading

Egide Nduwimana

Facing A New Language ~The Change I (We) Need School is my hope and dream. School is my home, and school brings me tranquility. I’m a guy who’s growing in his dreams and in the encouragements of his community around … Continue reading

Martin Macias

Help for the Needy In the United States, there is a lot of help. There is help for refugees, homeless people, animals, and veterans. There is even help for people outside the country. The problem is that there is almost … Continue reading

Zeljka Klipic

How I Feel about ESL English: In Tucson now there is a policy that students from different countries who are not proficient in English, according to the AZELLA test, have to have four hours of ESL English. When new students … Continue reading

Ali Hameed

When People Don’t Think about Others: When I moved from Baghdad to Egypt, my life changed because there were a lot of different people to see and many different things that I hadn’t learned. It was like something happened to … Continue reading

Khanifa Falilova

Creating a Change of Four ESL Classes: I want to change four classes of ESL I feel uninterested in studying four hours of English. The government has made this decision that if a student doesn’t pass the AZELLA test, they … Continue reading

Laxmi Dahal

Be in My Shoes or Change is Needed ~ When I entered Catalina Magnet High School, I felt like I was in my dream land. Being an immigrant student and not having a proficient level of English, I was placed … Continue reading

Bhagawati Dahal

GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE BEFORE YOU JUDGE THEM I grew up in a small and crowded city in a refugee camp in Nepal where I saw people judging each other by how they look, how they act and their … Continue reading

Thierry Chibasa

Think Twice Before You Judge D.R. Congo, French/Swahili Thierry is the name I was given by my parents when God allowed me to live. It means “no troubles,” but my own country has many troubles. I came from one of … Continue reading

Awa Chibasa

STOP DISCRIMINATION Discrimination! Discrimination! Discrimination! Where are we going with hate, prejudice and conflict? Feeling like this race is better than that, We cannot change what God created, because we are his image. Whites, Black, Asians we are all human … Continue reading

Amina Abdulkadir

Arizona Law is Affecting what we Need to Take: Many of the students at Catalina Magnet High School have four hours of English when they are supposed to be taking the classes they need to graduate. If they do not … Continue reading

Shahin Ighani

“Are you a terrorist?” Students in my middle school classes used to ask me. My face got red, and I got angry. I got up and went outside. They started telling me bad words. They also called me names. After … Continue reading

Fatma Hameed

Judging People: I feel that people who judge each other are too bad. In Iraq, I was one of them because I had friends in school and we were judging the new students. I didn’t know how we made them … Continue reading

Tuyizere Frorasi

When I was a little child, I liked to play so much with friends. There was one of my friends, not really my friend, who liked to fight with us. She wanted to judge everything I did. She wanted me … Continue reading

Nailya Falilova

Behave in class – I have a class in which I don’t know anybody; I don’t have a friend in that class. In that class, I see people who don’t care who is sitting next to them, even if I … Continue reading

Tinsaye Eshate

Care about your Education: The most important thing in my life is to make my mom and my family happy. My mom is happy when I get a good grade because she knows that I did well in the classroom. … Continue reading

Eka Chibasa

TILL WHEN, DIVISION??? When is life going to change with its difficulties of people being divided? Most people practice division, but not unity. We are different, but yet equal. When I left my continent of Africa I thought life will … Continue reading

Adan Amador

In 1995, when I was seven years old, I started to meet a lot of people in my community of La Lima in Honduras and learn about them. Many people recognized me because of my father. He was very popular, … Continue reading

Yassir Al Khazrag

School Education: I misbehave in my classes for a lot of reasons: 1) Sometimes I don’t understand what the teacher talks about. 2) Or sometimes I feel shy 3) Or sometimes I hate the class that I’m studying in; it … Continue reading

Sara Mubembe

Knowing people before judging them is advantageous. In the world, we all have different colors and different backgrounds, but we are all equal.  We are all human beings. We all have red blood even though we have different colors and … Continue reading

Hari Nepal

It is very difficult for me, as well as for other students, to have four ESL class because we don’t have enough time to study other essential subjects that are required for graduation. Sometimes, I feel that the government is … Continue reading