Mayra Mendivil

Like all immigrants, I still remember it as if it was yesterday when I got here. My mom got divorced in 2006. After 14 years of being together with my dad, it was hard to stop seeing him. We used … Continue reading

Tam Le

“Go back to you country, dirty boy!” Oh! My poor boy! He couldn’t take a step forward or even look at them. He just froze there; stared at the ground with wet eyes, while all white boys were around him, … Continue reading

Chris Kana

Dropping out of school is a very bad idea. Why? Because it makes your life a whole lot harder. You’ll probably miss out on a lot of opportunities and it will make it harder for you to get a job. … Continue reading

Estefania Enriquez Ruiz

Roselia Araceli Torres-Ruiz was separated from her family and loved ones. Roselia Araceli Torres-Ruiz was arrested on March 18, 2008. She was in jail for 112 days. Ms. Torres-Ruiz was arrested for working illegally here in the U.S. While in … Continue reading

Laxmi Dahal

Like a bird in a cage I was persecuted For being different Where am I from? My parents are from Bhutan And I was born in a Nepalese refugee camp Am I Bhutanese, am I Nepalese. What do I call … Continue reading

Naomi Cummings

The Opportunities My Country Dreams Of I am from a little place where people dream a lot, but their dreams never come to pass. Some of the things they dream about are to have education and to have success in … Continue reading

Norberto Coronado

Undocumented Workers, Solo Warrior When you are an undocumented immigrant, your life is like a solo warrior…a warrior with nothing to fight with… Alone in the darkness With no family, with no… …nobody An immigrant with No jobs, no money; … Continue reading

Valeria Antillon

The Soldiers Of Tomorrow Many teenagers have a hard life. I’m one of these teenagers. I work about 20 hours per week and I go to high school full time, to have what I want or what I need. I … Continue reading

Grethel Ruiz

Peace in my world Peace in my world I have experience with violence with my family, friends and strangers. My friends get angry because they want me to fight with the people that have problems with me or my family, … Continue reading

Suleiman Siddiqi

In February 2008, I arrived in America from a very long and tiring journey. But I was happy because coming to America was our dream. At some point, I thought it is the time to achieve the best of our … Continue reading

Andres Valles Mezquita

Andres Valles Mezquita 5505 S. Mission Rd., Apt. # 10101 Tucson Arizona 85746 March 31, 2009 Dear, I am a high school student and I’m doing a project on unemployment. Please take action on the economy. You know that the … Continue reading

Amada Isabel Chavira

What Could Happen Next? School? Do you like school? Maybe not, maybe yes Who invented the jail? Is it the same person who invented the school? I don’t know, I want to know who did that. Study, study, and study … Continue reading

Amna Falah

I Lived in a Bubble Hi, my name is Amna Falah. I came from Kuwait. I’m 16 years old. I came to U.S before 7 months. Our  projects are about American dream, and change. We work hard in this project … Continue reading

Khanifa Falilova

My name is Khanifa Falilova. I’m from Voronezh, Russia. I have been living in the United States for 3 years. My movie is about “Peace.” I made this movie to show people that peace is important in the world. I … Continue reading

Laxmi Dahal

Voice From Exile Hi everyone. I am Laxmi Dahal. I came from Nepal and my dream is to be an engineer. I did 182 days of hard work on the Finding Voice Project, including 24 hours of brainstorming and 6 … Continue reading

Isabel Chavira

What Could Happen Next? My name is Isabel Chavira, and I am from Chihuahua, Mexico. I have been in Tucson, AZ for four years. I came to the United States when I was fourteen years old; now I am almost … Continue reading

Jonathan Chavez

My name is Jonathan Chavez, and I’m 15 years old. I’m from Mexico; almost all of my family is from there. I have been here in Tucson for almost nine years. I’m planning to finish high school here at Catalina … Continue reading

Nuam AL Khaldi

My name is Nuam AL Khaldi, which means the bountiful life. I’m a junior at Catalina Magnet High School. I was born in Kuwait, my home country. I will be a senior next year and I’m so excited to be … Continue reading

Nilufar Akhmedova

I Have a Choice Turkish culture has very different systems from other cultures. In my culture, girls should get married before eighteen years old. In my culture, I can’t choose my life partner; my parents will choose someone for me, … Continue reading

Ahmed Abed

“My Life” FROM IRAQ TO JORDAN One day, when I was six years old, I was leaving school and running to my house. My mom was busy packing our house stuff. My mom said, “You don’t have to go to … Continue reading

Eugenia Jallayu

The profound story Living the life of a happy child, Guess I’m very lucky Yet I don’t know how to speak the language of my homeland Just ask and I’ll say Yes, I speak Liberian English. I understand Krahn and … Continue reading

Tenneh Lumeh

Dry Less Tears Tenneh L. The world is too small But the people are not I hear the voice of the homeless baby But there is no way for me to help There are so many people crying out there … Continue reading

Perpetua Obono Enye

Poverty I lived in a very different world In a very divided world Worlds that are not connected Who knows if they will ever be connected? Living in my country Equatorial Guinea Was a terrible experience Everything and everybody is … Continue reading

Edgar Sanchez

When you hear about endangered species, do you think of giant pandas in China, Bengal tigers in India, or other large mammals from other places? Unfortunately, there are 19 endangered animals right here in the Sonoran Desert. In the Sonoran … Continue reading

Mariama Kpandebia

Love Your Identity but Discover and Celebrate Others Preserve your identity but share your culture Continue to show your identity anywhere you go No matter what Love your identity But discover and celebrate other cultures I am a young beautiful … Continue reading