Kathya Castro

My Neighborhood Represents My Life My neighborhood represents my life; I have a special feeling to this place. My neighborhood has a lot of entertainment places but I do not have time to enjoy them. My family likes this place … Continue reading

Sethlina Impraim

Why is My Present Neighborhood Like a Cemetery? Every morning I see myself And my family alone talking. I hear their voices in different tones. I don’t hear anybody else talking or Walking in my neighborhood but All I can … Continue reading

Raul Oseguera

The Overlook at Pantano Football Club July 31, 2004. When we arrived in Miami, it was so beautiful, the city, the buildings, and overall the beach; that was so amazing. “I am going to live here in this spectacular place, … Continue reading

Rene Luque

How My New Neighborhood Influences My Life and What I Can Do About It Since I arrived in Tucson, Arizona, I started to feel weird. I don’t know why, but I was sure that something was going to happen. When … Continue reading

Mohamed Iman

Comparing Somalia and the United States My former neighborhood in Somalia was very different than my new neighborhood here in the U.S. My former one was so crowded because there were a lot of mango trees around everybody’s houses. When … Continue reading

Melissa Torres

Dear Daninza, Hi! How are you? I want to tell you how proud I am of my neighborhood. I would like to tell you how pretty my neighborhood is and what I like about it. I want to tell you … Continue reading

Lydia Galvez

What Happens to a Lonely Neighborhood? Does the neighborhood get jealous when other neighborhoods are glad, or does it get sad? Does it get happy when the sun rises or does it get frightened when the darkness of the night … Continue reading

Karina Valenzuela

Dear Carolina, I wish I could live in the same neighborhood with you again. That way we could go to the park and walk or talk about what happened to you and me. You should see where I live now; … Continue reading

Juan Avina

How to Raise Families Some people say that my neighborhood is not a safe place because they hear a rumor that it is a gangster zone, but that is no more. They don’t know because they don’t live there. Actually, … Continue reading

Daniela Nava

Dear Mariana, Hi, how are you? What have you been doing? Remember when I used to live in the same neighborhood as you. That was really fun, but now I live in the worst neighborhood you can imagine. But I … Continue reading

Daninza Bautista

“The Lonely Neighborhood” The lonely neighborhood, the place With barren streets, with bored kids And the sadness inside our veins. The Yelling of a manager, the crying of a kid, Which always is afraid of losing his Grin. The lonely … Continue reading

Amani Thal

Child Who Used to Be Fun Dear child who used to be fun, When you were a child, you said that everything would be fun and different. You used to think that everything would be easy to do. You thought … Continue reading

Steven Jallayu

I Don’t Deserve a Dreary Neighborhood Neighborhoods with more people, more socialization, and more exciting activities are never boring. A place where children cannot focus or socialize safely is not a safe place for them to live. A neighborhood that … Continue reading

Sadaf Hakeem

Dear Grandma, I wish I could come back to Pakistan, a place where I believe dreams come true. In that place, there is a small neighborhood that looks like a heaven. I wish I could live with you again in … Continue reading

Raul Oseguera

The Overlook at Pantano Football Club July 31, 2004. When we arrived in Miami, it was so beautiful, the city, the buildings, and overall the beach; that was so amazing. “I am going to live here in this spectacular place, … Continue reading

Mohamed Konneh

Struggle in My Hood I grew up with the struggle, In my country and now It’s the same hard struggle of Immigrant life in the U.S. When I look at myself, I see how my life changed So fast with … Continue reading

Mighty Tolwi

Dear Mac, Hey dude, in my neighborhood it is like people don’t have jobs. You can’t hear the sound of the engine in the morning dude and in my hood, you will see only one car come out of its … Continue reading

Margarita Ochoa

In this life, there are a lot of things that change, like in my neighborhood. It is a very boring place; the only thing that you can hear are the leaves of the trees falling down. Maguie, in my neighborhood, … Continue reading

Kelvin Jallayu

The Effects of Smoking in My Neighborhood Not like there are not other ways of affecting the neighborhood, but the most dangerous and distorting way of affecting the neighborhood is by smoking. Smoking around the neighborhood affects your neighbors around … Continue reading

Karla Moreno

Dear Dulce Rojas, I hope that you are doing great. I miss all of you guys a lot and I miss the place where I used to live. I’m now living in Tucson, Arizona. My neighborhood is so boring. None … Continue reading

Julio Padilla

Dear Julio, Hi, how are you? How is your life going? In your neighborhood is everything still the same? Are you still going to the same high school? Are you still playing soccer? Are you still having the same girlfriend? … Continue reading

Joseph Thal

The Crazy Apartment Before the Nice One and One Bill After Another I still remember our old apartment. I see it in my mind like I lived in a jail, a dangerous railroad, a wrong place to live. My family … Continue reading

Jesus Valenzuela

My Neighborhood My neighborhood where I used to live was boring because there was nothing to do outside. It was lonely because no one was outside playing. Everyone fould just be inside on their home. And there was no park … Continue reading

Jesus Carrillo

The Different Perspectives of a Neighborhood My neighborhood is a safe place for homeless people and alcoholics. At daytime, it is really calm, but when the sun settles down, the homeless start to rise from north, south, east, and west. … Continue reading

Bob Odu

My Neighborhood View My neighborhood is a small area in southern Tucson. We live right next to “A” mountain. My neighborhood is surrounded by tall buildings and mountains. Before living here, we lived on Swan and Grant. It was our … Continue reading

Aminata Sawyer

My Neighborhood How precious and beautiful My Tucson neighborhood is Look at my neighborhood shining Like the sun from above Gleaming like silver and gold I love sitting at my window most of my quiet moments Watching the birds playing … Continue reading

Jorge Guerrero

Memories of My Grandfather Ever since I was little, I always had a gun. My first gun was from my grandfather. He made it for me when I was like 4 years old. It was a rifle that was made … Continue reading

Hawa Bealue

Kids Come Knocking at the Door Kids come knocking at the door every second, asking for my little brother to come out for them to play. All I do is sit in the house twenty-four hours a day. Not because … Continue reading

Elizabeth Berber

Bad People in the Neighborhood It was a very nice neighborhood She was a very nice person Until bad people came to the neighborhood Until she met this boy I never thought it was going to be like that She … Continue reading

Francisco Nunez

Dear Francisco, Hello Francisco. How are you doing? I hope well. I’m just writing you this letter to tell you about the neighborhood where you are going to live in the future and play soccer. I know that you are … Continue reading

David Fonseca

Mystery in the Neighborhood Chapter 1 “Run,” I said when I saw the shadow behind Chris. He started screaming desperately. I could see in his eyes the fear of the impotence while running. Just a few seconds passed when the … Continue reading

Jose Cabrera

Battle in the Neighborhood If you go to my neighborhood, you would see both revitalization and deterioration. There are some old houses that are being torn down to make room for the new ones. What is so cool about those … Continue reading

Josephina Thal

Imagining the Neighborhood You Have Never Seen Dear Josephina, remember the time when you and I used to sit outside when the sun would go down, looking upon the, seeing airplanes flying, and imagine how America would look when we … Continue reading

Joddy Borrego

In my neighborhood, nobody sticks together. Maybe it does not deserve the name neighborhood. Dear Joddy (16 years old), Hi Joddy. How are you? Hope you are doing ok. Well, I just wanted to write to you and really talk … Continue reading

Jesus Morales

Dear Ulises, What’s up? I hope your life is going great. I just want to say hi and see how things are going with you and talk to you a little bit about how good and relaxing my new neighborhood … Continue reading

Ivonne Franco

Dear Nany, Hi! How are you? I hope you are good. I write this letter because I am bored and I am going to tell you about my new neighborhood and my old neighborhood. My new neighborhood and my house … Continue reading

Eliseo Egurrola

Hi Jesus, I’ve written this letter to you so that you can see how my neighborhood is in the United States. Here in my neighborhood there is lots of Mexican culture; of course there isn’t as much as in Mexico. … Continue reading

David Coronado

The American Dream The American dream is truly outstanding for some but not for everybody. My family, for example, is doing a fine job in America When my dad first came to America, he was illegal And alone His life … Continue reading

Daniela Romero

Dear Mariana, Hi! How are you? I hope you and your family are okay. That’s what I hope. I wonder what’s happening over there. You know I miss you a lot, as well as our friends from school, and everything … Continue reading

Daniel Martinez

From Daniel (age 15) Dear Daniel (age 8), Hi Daniel. Maybe you are asking yourself who I am, why I put the age on this letter, or why I’m writing to you without you knowing me. Let me explain why. … Continue reading

Arthur Jallayu

The Positive Place for Kids and Teenagers Hi people of the world. Let me take you on a tour of my neighborhood. When I take you around my neighborhood, you will wish to live here. I live in a unique … Continue reading

Amelia Jallayu

My Very Own Neighborhood Dear Jaltoh, If I were to tell you how much I miss our neighborhood, I would just bring back the past memory of how we all used to play together and how I miss all of … Continue reading

Alejandra Ochoa

Dear Karla, Everything is different since I moved to another house, the one I’m living in now. You know how we had fun together when we were neighbors. I miss hanging out with you. Do you remember when we used … Continue reading

Adnan Nabi

Dear Uncle, I can’t wait to see you in the United States. Before you come to the United States; I would like to tell you some things about my neighborhood. I like my neighborhood a lot in the United States. … Continue reading