Kadar Iman

The Problem with Smoking Smoking is a serious problem in our world and a serious issue in my family. It will cause a big problem for the family. If somebody smokes, it hurts all the people who live in the … Continue reading

Salou Word

Drugs She is someone I can trust. She can listen to what I say, and what I do. She can be with me. She is like a sister to me. She tells me the right thing to do. She’s important … Continue reading

Rahat Nabi

Why Hurt Other People’s Life with Your Life?” A conversation between a son and his mom Depression, depression… Why depression, huh? Why do you have to be depressed? Why hurt other people’s life With your life Why, I said. Why … Continue reading

Mohamed Taha

Gangsters Don’t Die, We Multiply Gangs are growing everyday in our society today and youth don’t just get in a gang for a color. It is for drugs, money and human smuggling. All the local and state authorities think all … Continue reading

Lawrence Kanneh

Effects of War Civil War in Sierra Leone. The war started with politics and violence and was fought from 1996 to 2001. I was sitting with my family eating dinner when we heard gun shots. My family did not know … Continue reading

Jorge Guerrero

The Vicious Cycle My experience with alcohol is that alcohol is everywhere. Wherever I go, alcohol is there. I see alcohol at the store, family member’s houses, friend’s houses and my house. It’s every where. My parents know I drink, … Continue reading

Ismail Mberwa

Smoking My friend was with me all the time. We used to go to the same school. We used to play soccer on the same team in Kenya, but what my friend was doing was not right. He was smoking … Continue reading

Ihab Abed

Smoking My problem started after we moved from Iraq to Jordan. My life in Jordan was really boring; I had nothing to do beside wasting and staying home most of the time. That was very frustrating, but I had no … Continue reading

Sara Nabi

Depression I feel like I am in a coma. I can’t experience any thing that I hear or I see. I can breathe and eat But the rest Of my body is Like a dead person. That can move But … Continue reading

Sabir Kenya-Wani

To All People Suffering from Depression We all know and understand that depression is a serious disease and a difficult problem for teenagers and adults to solve. Depression creates intense feelings of loneliness which can lead people to dangerous situations. … Continue reading

Mustapha Lumeh

Bullying Eliminates Your Self Expression I was eleven years old when I got promoted to secondary school (high school).My hope and dreams were to attend a boarding school in Bo, Sierra Leone. I made up my mind to go to … Continue reading

Joseph Howe

Effects of War on Health Growing up as a kid I had a profitable life in my hometown in Liberia. I had every thing a boy could ever want. Things were going fine. My mom and father were together. The … Continue reading

Ilse Rivera

Alcoholism & Drugs Changed My Friend I remember my friend as a healthy person. When we were in middle school She was my best friend, She was one of the most popular girls from middle school, She was very intelligent, … Continue reading

Francisco Chavez

November 28, 2007 Dear uncle, Hey what’s up? It’s me, Francisco Chavez. I am writing this letter to you so I can warn you about what alcohol can do to your life and your family. I did some research in … Continue reading

Dioney Santiago

Resist Peer Pressure: A Letter to a Friend Dear Friend, I know you are going through a lot of problems lately this year. I know because I remember when we went to that one party where we met two big … Continue reading

Andrea Gamez

Depression My story is just one more to tell; but to me it is a very important piece of my life. Telling this piece of my life is like making a big confession to you. I hope this story can … Continue reading

Abdikadir Omar

Somali Culture and Teenage Pregnancy I believe that everything happens the way people choose. I am saying this because people are not the same; we have different cultures and beliefs. For example, the culture and traditions in Somalia and in … Continue reading

Mariandrea Castelo

Depression One common problem of teenagers is depression because teenagers like me are always having problems that make us feel very unhappy. When you are very depressed, you think that there is no more future for your life. You feel … Continue reading

Lyzette Revilla Rico

Alcohol and Depression: How Alcohol Affects My Life Alcohol makes a lot of problems for me, causing depression and leaving a big hole in my heart. When I hear somebody talking about alcohol or when I see somebody drinking in … Continue reading