Kalpana Basnet

Recognize Yourself It is hard to know who we are. What is my identity? Who am I? What is my race/ethnicity, sex/gender, social-economic class, and sexual orientation? My name is Kalpana Basnet. I’m 17 years old. I don’t even know … Continue reading

Purna Kafley

True Me A day with lots of light Ready to show myself a way how to fight We used to fight with colors in Nepal Competing to put more colors on other’s faces It was a tradition, holi parva I … Continue reading

Sukay Slea

The Voice of My Soul I am African The land of my soul I am African The spirit of my heart Africa is with me, inside me I am African The lonely star on the edge Far from my thought … Continue reading

Ganesh Adhikari

What Actually Makes Me Who I Am Have you ever wondered what exactly makes you who you are? Is it your house, parents, religion or culture? A person’s identity is his own; no one added it to them nor can … Continue reading

Cintia Ayon

Looking for a Future / Buscando por un Futuro I’m like a rose that needs care Soy como una rosa que necesita mucho cuidado I can be depressed but the next day happy Pudiendo estar deprimida pero al día siguiente … Continue reading

Omar Azat

My Identity Is Vivid I am a long-lived communicator I am powerful like a sun I am peaceful like a white dove White for happiness My identity is like a sage for the ages I am honest like a wolf … Continue reading

Bahaa Diya

Finding Myself Mixed My life, it’s beautiful like the green hills It’s impossible to wilt My life, it’s scattered like the leaves Each one is a different color and It’s hard to put it together My life it’s happy Like … Continue reading

Goma Gautam

I Am Here I am here in a hot and beautiful place called Tucson, Arizona. I am a student at Catalina High School. I have been learning English skills for two years and it is not hard, but thinking of … Continue reading

Carmen Gutierrez

My Sincerity Inside of my heart The place where the truth is always Looking to the sky, From below Hoping to touch the clouds My positive thoughts Coming like a strong rain When in my soul there is a scarcity … Continue reading

Shamam Hashim

My Fingerprints Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who you are? What is identity? Identity is like fingerprints. Yours are different from everyone else’s. Identity is something people “must” create for themselves. The people who write about their identity write … Continue reading

Weijian He

Life / Mind / Heart / Dream Life My life is green, comfortable all the time. My life is a calculator, challenging all the time. My life is a question mark, seeking all the time. Mind My mind is the … Continue reading

Filimon Kahsay

Don’t Worry Brother We were sitting in my lovely shelter with my sweet family drinking our hot tea (shaya tokoma), thinking of our life, singing ancient family songs, and watching the town. Sun shone through our door, and we were … Continue reading

Rekha Mongar

I Am Here Now Imagine my heart is like a beautiful woman in the rocket. Imagine my heart seeing flying rocks. Imagine my heart seeing loving my family. Imagine my heart seeing happy people in the park. Imagine my heart … Continue reading

Khan Sian Muang

Identity Is Like Stars – Each One Is Different What is identity? Everyone’s identity is like stars; each one is different. Identity is about who you are and your identity is about your life. Identity is more than your name … Continue reading

Bambi Ndjibu

Do You Really Want to Know Me? Sometimes it is hard to know who you are. I am Bambi Alicia Ndjibu. I am from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. I am a student at Catalina Magnet High … Continue reading

Devota Ntahuga

Hot Pink My identity is like a hot pink rose In my family nobody ever got anything from my dad But I did Anything that I like in my room, it’s hot pink It’s after school at 12:30, I’m going … Continue reading

Heera Sinchuri

Difference between Dark life and Bright Life Imagine living a life of such poverty it is not very easy; it’s like a dark life. Slowly I began searching for light that makes my future bright. Now I’m a student at … Continue reading

Chandra Thapa

My Struggles in Nepal In the middle of a million people, I am also here with my destination. In the pleasant summer day in Tucson, Arizona, I’m enjoying my life and working to reach my goals. Right now I am … Continue reading

Hem Adhikari

How I See Myself Many young girls and boys think they are beautiful and handsome when they look at themselves in a mirror and try to buy new clothes. I’m also like them. Who am I? I’m Hem Adhikari and … Continue reading

Sapana Bhujel

Understanding Who I Am Identity can be identifying by our cultural heritage, language, sexuality, sex, gender and so on. I have also my identity, but it is difficult to identify ourselves. Still, it is important to know who we are … Continue reading

Harira Hassan

Who I am… (My Identity) Who am I? Does anyone know what my nationality is? What is my language? What do I believe? I am a girl who looks to the future for what her life will be. For me, … Continue reading

Jian Ping Huang

Memories I’m the clock in my life, I need to follow the time. I don’t wait for my family for lunch, when my mother cooks in the kitchen. I taste the food first in my family. I’m the bird flying … Continue reading

Alma Mata

One Step My goals motivate me to come today to school. I want to learn more. I believe that having goals can keep me on the right track. I was living in Nogales, Sonora when I decided I wanted to … Continue reading

Rup Mishra

How I See Myself I am a funny guy who always jokes with his friends and always helps others.  My name is Rup Mishra, and I came from Nepal. I have been here in the United States, in Tucson, Arizona, … Continue reading

Zaroon Nasir

Inside Me There is something deep inside of me میرے اندر کچھ ہے. That makes me want to know اس کا کرتا ہے مجھ سے جاننا چاہتے ہیں It’s waiting there quiet silently یہ وہاں انتظار کر چپ چپ چاپ … Continue reading

Huda Rahal

Life before Death My life is like a colorful book because I can draw a smile on people’s faces. Like a rainbow remembering every beautiful and sad moment that happened in my life. I can remember the time when I … Continue reading

Khagendra Subedi

Here Now Today Monday, November 8, 2011 is a beautiful, freezing, and sunny day in Tucson, Arizona. My mind is popping with some questions in my head. What am I doing here? On this day and at this particular time? … Continue reading

Maddiel Tenorio Lopez

Opportunities Eight years ago my family and I were in Cuba helping my grandparents to come to the United States. My grandparents were organizing their documents to come here. They traveled a lot because they had to deliver papers and they … Continue reading