Daniela Nava

Dear Mariana,

Hi, how are you? What have you been doing? Remember when I used to live in the same neighborhood as you. That was really fun, but now I live in the worst neighborhood you can imagine. But I will tell you about that later. Now I just want to remember the good times we had together. The old neighborhood was the best. We should get together to remember the old times. Some of the old things I remember are the time you slept in my house and my brother got mad because we were making a lot of noises. Remember the time we went to the pool and there was this dog swimming. That was funny! Remember when the dog in front of my house made us run until we got to the Circle K. How about the time we sneaked out of the house to go to a party with some friends. That was awesome. I wish you were here to have more fun than the old times.

My new neighborhood is BORING!! One time my friends and I were playing soccer and the manager came and he took our soccer ball. That’s the only ball we have. That’s not fair. Some kids are even scared that the manager will take their other toys away from them. Well that’s not rare in my neighborhood and that’s sad. Also, when he takes our balls or any kind of toy, sometimes he never returns them. We have a pool that is never open more than once a week. It opens in July and closes in August in our neighborhood. Another rule we have is that if a trashcan is full of trash that cannot even be closed, the manager charges $50 or more.

My life in this neighborhood is boring but at the same time I don’t pay attention to the manager and I go outside to play soccer or go for a walk with my friend. My neighborhood sometimes changes and everybody is outside. When the manager is on vacation, everybody is happy because they can be outside and do whatever they want.

A lot of people have taken the manager to court, but the manager always wins!!!!! My parents were thinking to move back to the old neighborhood but you’re not there anymore, so I think now it is boring too. Hope you never live in a neighborhood like mine because it is horrible. Well, I think that’s it and I wish you write me back and talk about your new neighborhood. Well, hope you miss me like I miss you.


Your friend Daniela

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