Daniela Romero

Dear Mariana,

Hi! How are you? I hope you and your family are okay. That’s what I hope. I wonder what’s happening over there. You know I miss you a lot, as well as our friends from school, and everything about my old neighborhood. Please tell our friends that I said “Hi!!” Well, some of them are already here and I am very happy to see them. There are a lot of things that I would like to tell you, however this time I am going to tell about my new neighborhood.

I barely moved to my new house and I realized that everything is so different here. I still don’t know anybody from my neighborhood. The problem is that I am very shy and I think that’s why I don’t know anybody from it. There are lots of things that I miss the most about my old neighborhood. One thing that I miss the most is playing soccer. I miss that too much because I truly love soccer; it’s my favorite sport. I liked soccer since I was a child, but right now I like it more than I used to. I remember when we used to play in school during recess or in the streets in the afternoons. It was really entertaining to play with you and our friends. I even remember when somebody hit you in the face with the ball. That was really humorous. I am sorry if you feel bad about this, but it was very funny. I remember it and I started to laugh. The bad thing about my new neighborhood is that there are no kids to play with. Well, there is a park close to my house; I go there sometimes. However, there are no people all the time. The park doesn’t even have a soccer field, but we can still play. I would like to know more kids that live in my new neighborhood so I could play with them. The nice thing is that I always watch soccer games on TV and every Sunday I go to the park where my brothers and some friends play. The park where my brothers and friends play is not the same park that’s close to my house. It’s a different park. Nevertheless, I wish that for at least one day I could see kids playing soccer in my neighborhood, like I used to.

I think I don’t see any kids playing because my new neighborhood is very isolated and quiet. It’s very rare to see people outside. Every time I go outside of my house, nobody is there. I remember when I used to go outside ofn the streets and the adults were having a conversation while the kids were playing. The majority of the time, they were sharing their problems. I also miss that. I consider that an excellent quality that my old neighborhood has. Everybody knows each other. In here, I don’t even know my neighbors. I recognize that sounds funny, but it’s true. I have seen them, but I would like to know further details about them. Not knowing each other is a problem. It’s important to know each other, because we can support and understand each other. Sometimes the people talk about other people without knowing them. I know that these things happened in our neighborhood, too. However it is not the same thing because at least they know each other. As well, the people know more about their lives.

An additional thing that I miss the most about my old neighborhood is the food. Mexican food is what I love to eat, especially mole and enchiladas. I miss the smell of this food all over the place. I remember the mornings when I used to walk down the street and the smell of tortillas was all over. That’s the smell that I love the most, even though I love mole and enchiladas. Well, my mom still cooks like she used to, but it’s not the same thing. The food doesn’t taste the same. For me, it seems that the place also makes the food taste better. In my new neighborhood, not all the people are Mexicans and they don’t cook Mexican food. Another thing is that here not all the people cook. Most of the people eat fast food. However, Mexican food makes me remember my old neighborhood.

Our religion is what also makes me remember my old neighborhood. I remember when we used to go to church. It was really cool because after that we used to play in front of the church. I remember that we used to go on Mondays, but here I go on Sunday mornings. I like to go to church because I imagine you and the people from our neighborhood. Like I said, some of our friends are already here, and the place I have met them is at church or at the park. I usually go to church at 8:00 am because then I have the whole day to go to the park. Going to the park is one of my favorite hobbies.

So, know you know my old neighborhood is still better than my new neighborhood. One day I would like to see my new neighborhood like my old one. The good thing is that here we have more opportunities than in Mexico. I hope that one day I can go back and see you. Please tell everyone we know that I said hi, and that I would like to see them soon. Stay cool and don’t do anything bad.


Daniela Romero

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