David Coronado

The American Dream

The American dream is truly outstanding for some but not for everybody.
My family, for example, is doing a fine job in America
When my dad first came to America, he was illegal
And alone
His life at that time was very difficult,
but once he got the residency of this country, his life changed.
He started getting more opportunities and better jobs.

At this time, we still lived in Mexico,
the life in Mexico was harder than in America
As soon as my dad progressed in America
we also progressed in Mexico
Because he was getting more money than before
we could live properly, without economic problems.
Fourteen years later, my family and I came following my dad
and the American dream
to the United States.

As soon us we got settled in my neighborhood
we began looking at life from another way,
our life made a turn of 360 degrees,
everything was different.
That day my family and I started a new life
Our life turned a little bit easier
new opportunities came and knocked at the door.
My neighborhood is a very quiet place,
a perfect place to live the American dream
My dream in this country is to progress,
be in a high level of life, be successful
and be independent.

Independence is something that I see every day in my neighborhood
All people do something different than others,
Like different jobs or go to different schools,
Because the United States is a country of freedom for everybody.
Now my dad has his own job
and he does it very well without any problems,
My brother works in something different
and he is going to Pima,
My oldest sister is now married
and she lives in a different neighborhood,
My other sister is working as an engineer
and she is studying the same,
My little sister goes to elementary school,
And I’m going to high school
I’m going to graduate in one more year.
Now we are all living the experience of the American dream.

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