David Fonseca

Mystery in the Neighborhood

Chapter 1

“Run,” I said when I saw the shadow behind Chris. He started screaming desperately. I could see in his eyes the fear of the impotence while running. Just a few seconds passed when the whole park was covered with the darkness of the night and the birds silenced the peaceful singing of their gift. I couldn’t even see my hand right in front of my face; only the accelerated breath of my trembling and weak voice interrupted the dark environment. Then, a big noisy siren started ringing and I woke up with fever and pouring sweat. I woke up with a confused idea of where I was. What am I doing here? Why is this the third time I dreamed that? After a few minutes, I felt much better. I got ready to go to school. As soon as I saw Chris, I started telling him about the nightmare; he just laughed. I threw a weak smile pretending to be much better after the dream, but I was feeling an uncomfortable shivering sensation.

The weekend started and I was planning on going to the gym with some friends when a knock on the door resounded through the house. I knew that the only one capable of knocking like that was Chris. I opened the door, and he, all excited about a basketball game in the neighborhood park, invited me to go. I refused because I had to go to the gym, but he knew that I yearned to know what happened in the neighborhood and that this probably would be a good opportunity to discover. I don’t know how he did it, but 10 minutes later, I was walking to the park.

Chapter 2

The night was close to the basketball game in the park, we were sitting on the top of the terraces. “The night its coming,” said Chris. I was very excited, and with that weird feeling, the game ended. We were the only public left from the game in the park. “You know what, let’s get out of here. It looks like the rain is coming,” said Chris. “I absolutely agree with you bro,” I replied to him. We were walking with huge steps to my house when a loud thunder crashed and a flash of lightening projected the shadow by my side, and reflected in a tree the shadow of that dream that killed the peacefulness of my night.

I couldn’t move very well. I was completely frozen. With some effort, I turned my glance to Chris, and I could see in his eyes the dilations of his pupils. I was confused. My eyes started darting crazily everywhere, without a specific point of focus. Then, a cold hand touched my arm and Chris told me with a very weak voice, “Look.” My breath started accelerating just like in my dream. The beat of my heart started getting faster and faster. When I saw that little girl sitting in that window, we just could hear her crying – the crying of lamentation.

Chapter 3

I wanted to scream with desperation and fear, but inside me my chest was burning up. My mind was going out of control. In that moment, I decided to get out of there. I raised my head and I said to Chris, “Let’s get out of here.” He just said yes with his head going up and down. We finally started moving out of the bushes and just in that moment the little girl stopped her crying, sniffing her nose. We ran with all the rest of our effort. While we were running, we could hear the innocent laughter of the girl just like she was joking with us or something. Every second she sounded closer and closer to our steps.

We were almost to my house. I could see the lights of my front yard. I had a smile in my face of happiness. When I finally arrived at my front door, I rested on the floor, closing my eyes. When I started feeling much better, I said to Chris, “That was crazy, wasn’t it?” I had no answer. I opened my eyes, looking everywhere, trying to locate him, but I couldn’t. That was the last time I saw him. No one knows what happened. We just know he is now part of the mystery of the neighborhood.

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