Eliseo Egurrola

Hi Jesus,

I’ve written this letter to you so that you can see how my neighborhood is in the United States. Here in my neighborhood there is lots of Mexican culture; of course there isn’t as much as in Mexico. One thing that is happening in the United States is that Mexican culture is becoming dominant. I do think that Mexican culture is dominant in the US because in my neighborhood there are a lot of people that have Mexican culture in their houses. Also there are lots of immigrants coming to the US and there are Mexican people having kids.

In my house, for example, we have a little statue of a Mexican man sitting down, with a big sombrero on his head and with his face down. I can see people dressed up like a vaquero (a cowboy) and also I can see little kids playing with horses and dressed up like vaquero. Do you remember when we used to dress like a vaquero and play with horses?

Also in our back yard, we have a nopalera (prickly pear cactus), like ones that we used to have in Mexico, big and green. You know that nopales are food that most Mexicans include in their diet. In my neighborhood, I can also smell the fresh made tortillas and other Mexican food. When I smell the fresh tortillas, I remember when my mom used to make tortillas for us.

Also in the front yard of my house we have Virgin of Guadalupe made out of wood and it’s in a capilla (a chapel). In my neighborhood, I can see people that are talking in Spanish. I can also see dogs barking and running in the streets like in Mexico.

Another thing that I can see in my neighborhood is kids playing soccer in their back yards or in the closest park or school. Jesus, do you still play soccer over there? All of these things make me feel like I’m in Mexico, especially when I see the people dressed like a vaquero.

Do you remember that in Mexico we used to go to El Rancho El Penascal and ride horse’s everyday? I think that in the future here in my neighborhood I will be able to ride a horse. I also remember when we used to play soccer, baseball, and volleyball in the dirt streets. Here in my neighborhood you can’t play in the streets because there are a lot of cars passing.

I know that I’m not in Mexico, but I feel like I’m in Mexico. I wish that one of these days you’ll be able to come and visit my new neighborhood. I think that you’ll like my neighborhood because here in my neighborhood there is lots of Mexican culture. I’ll see you soon.


Eliseo Egurrola

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