Elizabeth Berber

Bad People in the Neighborhood

It was a very nice neighborhood
She was a very nice person
Until bad people came to the neighborhood
Until she met this boy
I never thought it was going to be like that
She never thought that he would be like that
I was scared to come to the neighborhood
She was scared to talk to him
Because I was in a good neighborhood
Because she never had a friend
My mom convinced me
The boy convinced her
Ella se dejo llevar por sus palabras
She was so innocent that she believed him
Después que los meses pasaron
I stayed there but I was so scared
She got hooked on drugs
I was scared to go out
She got addicted to drugs
One day I went out
She owed a lot of money
And no one was out
The days passed and she got killed
Los días pasaron y me convencí de quedarme
Nadie pensó que me iba a quedar
No one thought that she was going to die
No one thought that I was going to stay there
What a horrible neighborhood
With all those bad people
The days passed and now
The neighborhood it’s scary
Because there are bad people but not as much
As there were 3 years ago
My friend was a nice person
She shouldn’t have died
But you never know when you are going
To lose a loved one and how it feels inside of your heart
All the sadness that
I have in my heart because of her death.

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