Jesus Carrillo

The Different Perspectives of a Neighborhood

My neighborhood is a safe place for homeless people and alcoholics. At daytime, it is really calm, but when the sun settles down, the homeless start to rise from north, south, east, and west. The alcoholics are friends of the homeless and they share their life and dreams.

They are really happy when they are all drunk, but when they gather all of their five senses they start thinking about their life and problems. They are people who were actually something in life, but they gave it away for alcohol, drugs or some other type of addiction. Now, thanks to that, they are sleeping in the street, alleys, and on sidewalks. The alcoholics have a lot of problems with the law, especially in my neighborhood. They fight with each other and they put their lives in danger by getting an alcohol or drug overdose. They look like they don’t care about there life or health. I think that this is because their families do not want them close or maybe someone really close to their family died.

My neighborhood is regularly visited by policemen, firefighters, paramedics and some types of lawyers that want to help their clients or take their children’s custody. It is really sad when you see a child taken from their parents. Even if they take them for a good reason, there is nothing like a real parent that gave birth to their kids. Last year, there was a problem with my neighbor. She had an overdose and they took her kid away. I was watching a really cool show and all of a sudden I heard some really loud noise. My brother and I went out the front door and we saw everything. I was really impressed by the way she was crying and laughing. I was worried about the kid. She is better now; she has the kid back ans she is getting treatment from professionals. She is a really good neighbor now.

There are many ways people can see my neighborhood. Some people see it as a violent place to live; some people see it as safe, like the homeless. To me, it is both of them because some times it is really clean and some times is not so clean. They are two ways to see where you live: one is the interesting and fun way, and the other is the boring and violent. If you see it as a violent place to live, like my neighbor, you are going to be frustrated and hate everything you see that is going wrong in your neighborhood. However, if you are one of those people that like to fix stuff you are going to try to talk to your neighbors and see what you can do to make your neighborhood a better place. I used to have one neighbor like that. He used to get signatures to fix the street and when he got all the signatures he took them to the senator of Sonora.

There are people that like my neighborhood. When I moved into my apartment, I was nervous of the way that the neighbors would react toward us. When I first saw my apartment, I was really happy that we got a really nice place to live. Our plan was to stay until we found a house. Now that we are going to get a house, my brother and I don’t want to move from our apartment. We have really close friends and everything that we wanted to have when we wanted.

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