Jesus Morales

Dear Ulises,

What’s up? I hope your life is going great. I just want to say hi and see how things are going with you and talk to you a little bit about how good and relaxing my new neighborhood is. It is not as good as the one we lived in in México, but it’s very peaceful and quiet and sometimes really fun. This neighborhood is very relaxing for me because of those really big trees that are all around the neighborhood. It’s also fun because of my friends and family that live here; sometimes we play football or soccer or we just hang out talking or doing some other things around the neighborhood.

I just want to tell you that I’m not so bored over here because we actually chose a good neighborhood. Maybe not the best houses, but a really nice neighborhood. Some of the neighbors are Mexicans, and that makes me feel very comfortable. My neighborhood is very clean, thanks to the neighbors and the people that are paid to take care of it. They always cut the grass and they paint the houses. That’s why people have their houses and yards clean; if they don’t do it, they get a note telling them what they need to do. If they don’t do it, they are charged some money in the rent.

I would say this neighborhood is a special neighborhood because I feel very comfortable and because some of my family lives here. At night, my neighborhood is really strange. Everything is quiet and then all you hear are the coyotes fighting each other and howling. I think that is because of the river. I remember one time when I was getting out of my house at night I saw one coyote walking by the street and I thought it was a dog, but then it started to howl and that freaked me out.

Other than that, I think it’s very safe. One important thing is that I have never heard that anybody stole things from other people, which I think is good. The neighbors around, we all trust each other because we know each other and hang out. I really like my neighborhood. It makes me feel like the one in Mexico. I think that’s really important for me and my family.

It’s very cool to live here. I hope to see you on vacations when I get out of school so we can hang out. I will visit you when I get there and we will have some fun with our friends. Or you can come here to have fun in my neighborhood. That will be great. I will show you all of Tucson, including my whole neighborhood. We will talk later. Take care and keep studying.


Jesus Morales

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