Jesus Valenzuela

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood where I used to live was boring because there was nothing to do outside. It was lonely because no one was outside playing. Everyone fould just be inside on their home.

And there was no park near our old neighborhood. There was one park but it was very far from our neighborhood. We didn’t go there very often because it was far.

For me, my old neighborhood looked like no one lived in the houses. There were some people in my neighborhood that I didn’t even know because I didn’t know that people lived there. You could hear the dogs barking in the quiet, lonely neighborhood night and day. The cars passing by and the wind blowing.

But now that we live in a better neighborhood, I can go to the park because my new neighborhood has a park close to my house. There is also a store on the corner of the street. I can also go to the library that is not far from my house. I can go walking if I want to.

In my new neighborhood, there is also a swimming pool where people can go have fun in the swimming pool. My new neighborhood is ok, better that the other one where I used to live. I like this one better.

This neighborhood is fun and better than the other one where I used to live because it has more things to do than the other one. Sometimes it does get boring, but not like the other one that was boring almost every day.

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