Joddy Borrego

In my neighborhood, nobody sticks together. Maybe it does not deserve the name neighborhood.

Dear Joddy (16 years old),

Hi Joddy. How are you? Hope you are doing ok. Well, I just wanted to write to you and really talk a little about the “so called neighborhood.” Here are some things that have been going on:

The people from this neighborhood are so separated; what I am saying with this is that people think that just because they are from a certain culture, they are better. What they don’t know is that if we are not together, we might not have the beautiful neighborhood that everybody wishes to be in. The little kids come out and play once in a while, but there aren’t a lot of teenagers in this neighborhood. People are just segregated from each other. It looks like a dark and lonely place.

Almost everybody that used to live here moved away, but there are new people that moved in. Even though the neighborhood is not in its best time, the people now living here are friendlier and more united, every one knows each other. I think it is better now that the time has passed by, because in the past it was quiet and boring, but in the future it is more comfortable to be in this neighborhood because people help you in every difficulty you’re having. This is what I would like it to be in the future, and hoping to still be with the family together.

I think all of these changes happened because the people that used to live here maybe thought that things were not going to change, and maybe they wanted a better place to live in, to have a better future for their children.

Well, that is it for now. Hope you write back soon.


Joddy Borrego. (40 years old)

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