Jose Cabrera

Battle in the Neighborhood

If you go to my neighborhood, you would see both revitalization and deterioration. There are some old houses that are being torn down to make room for the new ones. What is so cool about those houses is that they use solar heated water and they collect the rainwater in some special tanks. There is a new park where before it was all trashed. If you would have gone when the trash was there, you would have been amazed at how much trash was there.

It looks like the people that live around the park don’t care about what happens to our environment. If people did not act, that park would be a full pool of trash. There are broken beer bottles. Also, the construction workers leave their stuff and they do not pick up their after themselves’. I have been thinking of joining the committee to pick up trash.

That is the new thing that the whole community has been doing. There is a sign up sheet for the people to cleanup. That is good but the council stopped doing that sign up and nobody says anything to the council.

There are some people making our neighborhood and our city look bad. It has been so bad that they have closed up some houses for how trashy they were. It is sad to see that people are abusing the cacti. There are people that are vandalizing the properties.

We need to get control of this situation and make my neighborhood a beautiful place to live again.

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