Juan Avina

How to Raise Families

Some people say that my neighborhood is not a safe place because they hear a rumor that it is a gangster zone, but that is no more. They don’t know because they don’t live there.

Actually, my neighborhood is a nice place you can hang out with your friends. Companies are building new houses for new people in my neighborhood. You can go and play at the park and it is safe. Only people from the hood go and play there or they go and walk there; it is a really nice place. Sometimes when I’m bored, I just go outside and walk to my friend’s house. I often see little kids playing outside with no problem and mothers walking with their kids. It is a nice place to raise a family.

In the hood, there are a lot of parties. The hood is like a little México and I like it that way because all of my friends are from México. When we are bored, we go and play soccer at the park and we play a lot.

My hood is a nice place to raise families because it is a nice place to go outside with our kids and play with the; all the people don’t worry, and they do the same. People go and play at the park, kids play in the play ground, and mothers go and walk a little bit.

In the hood, all the people are nice. The neighbors are the best because they all are friendly and sharing with everybody. Well, at least my neighbors do that – they share things. For example, if we don’t have lemons, they share with us.

In the hood, all the streets have lights and it is not dark at night. It is very bright on the sidewalks. My neighborhood is a really nice place to raise a family if you want to

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