Karina Valenzuela

Dear Carolina,

I wish I could live in the same neighborhood with you again. That way we could go to the park and walk or talk about what happened to you and me. You should see where I live now; my new neighborhood is not boring, and it is not fun. You should see the park because it is boring. You can not even go to the park in the nights because it is closed and there is nobody playing or walking. It is all alone, and when I was in my old neighborhood, we were always in the park at night.

I miss my old neighborhood because my mom and your mom were always together. They were always cooking Mexican food. They were always cooking tamales, carne, enchiladas, atole, and menudo. And we were always eating the tortillas that our mom made for us. They had a good taste, and we liked the smell of the food. We were always eating together.

I miss when we were outside there with all of our friends. Outside you used to do so many jokes. You liked to make us laugh a lot; you were always happy. And you always said to me, “You don’t need to be sad.” I miss my other friends too. In my new neighborhood, I have a lot of friends too but they are not as cool as my old friends. The different thing is that my new friends are always with me.

I miss when we went to school together. We had the same classes, and we were always together. We were like sisters, not like cousins. We used to get in trouble together. And I miss when we played games together. We liked to go to the movies when the new movies came out. And now in my new neighborhood, my friends and I have only gone to the movies like 2 or 3 times; they don’t like to go a lot to the movies. They like to go to the parties more than to the movies. They also don’t like to go to the park a lot.

I was asking my mom if we were going to return back to our old neighborhood, and she said no. I miss when we were always together. My mom said no because there was a lot of problems with my sister and her friend, and my mom was getting tired of that. I told my mom that I was getting tired of the park and the night because most of the time there is nobody in my neighborhood.

I miss when we were together and I hope that we get to be together again because I miss a lot my old neighborhood. I think that if you live again in my new neighborhood maybe it will be fun again. Where I live now the trees are really big and when it rains, it looks like the trees are going to fall. Some of the people in the neighborhood don’t like to talk a lot with you; some of the people don’t care about you. That’s what you should see and you should see some of the pools have green things and some have a clean pool. In the old neighborhood, we used to go the pool, but they were clean. The rocks here are not ugly; they fit with the house – that’s what I like about the house. You should come and visit us. I miss my old neighborhood a lot. It was fun to be in my old neighborhood.


Karina Valenzuela

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