Karla Moreno

Dear Dulce Rojas,

I hope that you are doing great. I miss all of you guys a lot and I miss the place where I used to live. I’m now living in Tucson, Arizona.

My neighborhood is so boring. None of my neighbors go out of their houses. I’m always bored in my room because I have nothing else to do. Sometimes I do my homework when I have homework to do; but other times I don’t do anything. It is so boring that you can’t even imagine how boring it is. There are no teenagers or even Hispanics. The majority are Americans and they are elderly persons.

I remember when I was in Veracruz. Every day after school we used to have so much fun. I remember that we used to play soccer after school. We used to go to the park for a walk. That was a great time we had together. We were always together and I really loved that. I miss when we always went to the park at nighttime and looked at the sky wishing many things that we thought were going to come true. Some wishes did come true, but other wishes the air took them and they didn’t come true.

Here in Tucson, there is a park by my house. But if I go, I will be by myself because nobody else goes out of their own houses. All my neighbors are old and I think that they don’t like to go to the park. I asked one of them why they don’t like to go to the park and they said, “There is nothing to do outside. Everything that I have to do is inside of my house.” I think that they just like to be inside of their house because they are old and they like to read. And I think that inside of their house they find peace. For example, if they read, they can concentrate and it is a quiet place for them.

I feel lonely most of the time because my mom is always working. She is never at home during the day. By the time she gets home, she is all tired and the only thing she wants to do is lie down and relax. She doesn’t even like to go out of the house because she says that there’s nothing to do outside because my neighbors are very quiet and they don’t like to talk to us. Everything is so different in Tucson. In Veracruz, I was always happy and I never felt alone because I was with all of you guys. And you guys weren’t quiet. We used to talk a lot. I would love to be happy again with all of you guys and my family. I miss you guys so much. I thought that my neighbors and I we were going to be like a family, but we are not.

I really don’t like my neighborhood because there’s nothing that I can do. As I already told you, my neighbors and I live our own life style. Some times my dad makes some carne asada and nobody comes over to our house. Why? Because they just don’t like to have a relationship with us. I think that is because we never talk to each other or have a type of communication. I remember that in Veracruz when my grandfather used to make parties, all of my neighbors used to come over and we all enjoyed it a lot. I always enjoyed every single time that I spent with my neighbors. I thought that here in Tucson we were going to be all together as a family, but here in Tucson we are all divide because of race. Tucson is a multicultural city; there are people from many countries. For example, there are people from Africa, Mexico, Russia, Afghanistan, and from all around the world. All the races are divided because each one of us has different types of cultures. I wish to unite all the cultures and be together; but in order to do that, I need to work really hard. I have a dream that one day we are all going to be united as a family like it was in Veracruz.

My school is close to my house. It is around my neighborhood. It takes me less than 5 minutes to get there in a car. Sometimes I walk to school. Sometimes I don’t. Do you remember when we used to walk to school because it was close to our house? We always used to walk and say good morning to our neighbors. And they always said, “Que tengan un buen dia muchachas.” Here in Tucson, we don’t do that; parents are always driving students to school. That’s they way that they do in here. My school is multicultural. It means that we all are from all around the world. I talk with many of the students. They are nice persons. School is the only part where I talk to people from around the word.

Everything is different here in Tucson. I would like to go back, but you know the circumstances in Mexico. There is not too much money and not a lot of jobs. I miss everything that has to do with Veracruz. Veracruz is my native country and is always is going to be in my heart forever, until I die.


Karla Moreno

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