Kathya Castro

My Neighborhood Represents My Life

My neighborhood represents my life; I have a special feeling to this place. My neighborhood has a lot of entertainment places but I do not have time to enjoy them. My family likes this place because my parents work near my apartment and I work too. One of the things that I don’t like is that I do not see my mom and my dad because I do not have time for them. My daily life is very hard because I’m sacrificing my teenage time.

My family is very important to me, but I do not have time for them. I do not see them a lot. Sometimes I see my brothers when they are still awake at the time I come back from work. I just see my parents during lunchtime, and I am hurt because I do not have good communication with them, which is not helping me because I still have a lot of questions about life. Everyone in my home works, and I always miss to be together like in Mexico. My home is lonely and my neighborhood is quiet and without love.

Everything has a special meaning to me and my neighborhood means my life. In my neighborhood, I study and work at the same time. To me, it is very hard to succeed in both places, but both are very important to me because I think these will help me in my future to know how to be an adult. I feel bad because everything is changing. When I was in Mexico, my neighborhood was very different and neighbors were as a family and we helped each other. In this neighborhood, I don’t know my neighbors. I never talk with them and I don’t know their faces. In Mexico, I never missed my parents like I do now because they were always with me.

Time moves quickly; it is as valuable as gold to me. I have a schedule for everything. In the morning, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. I start school at 7:40 and at that time I feel tired because I just sleep 5 hours per day. When I’m at school, it is hard to concentrate because I have many things on my mind. I have to care about everything and everyone, like my brother, my parents, and my friend, and I have to take care of my job and school. I leave school at 2:30 and I go to my house at 3:00. I just have 1 hour and a half to eat and prepare everything for my job, my paperwork, my clothes and my work tools. I’m a supervisor and this job has a lot of responsibility; which is hard because I’m always tired because I work hard at school. I get back from work at 11:30 p.m. and I have to prepare everything for school: my homework, clothes and my backpack and wait for the next day.

My neighborhood has a lot of entertainment places like a miniature golf course, a cowboy place and a lot of stores, but I do not have time to enjoy them. I need to do something to have a better life because I miss my teenage life. Now I know that to be an adult is very hard, but I think I’m not ready to have that many responsibilities. I would like to be with my family and my friends and have a real life not just work and study. I know these things are very important for life, but if you have love it is easy to have a better life. Everything has to pass at the appropriate time. If we try to grow up too fast, life is not going to be easy. I’m just a teenager with an adult life.

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