Kelvin Jallayu

The Effects of Smoking in My Neighborhood

Not like there are not other ways of affecting the neighborhood, but the most dangerous and distorting way of affecting the neighborhood is by smoking. Smoking around the neighborhood affects your neighbors around you, mostly the young children. When the smoke from the cigarette enters a kid’s nose, I consider them a second-hand-smoker. It may cause them to smoke when they grow up. It may cause them to smoke drugs bigger that cigarettes because they will be thinking of smoking as an impressive idea.

My uncle is a smoker and it affects his life. It causes him to be sick most of the time. He is always using all of his money to buy cigarettes while he has a family to support. He smokes in the midst of his children which makes them second-hand smokers. They might start smoking too in the future, and there is nothing he can do about it. It also affects me because I can not stand to see my uncle suffering from smoking, and I can not stand to see him going from hospital to hospital. I am afraid I may lose him one day. When I called my mom back home, she said my uncle was not in a good condition. I am afraid that it is the smoking that is affecting him.

In my neighborhood, there are people smoking around and at the bus stops which is distorting the neighborhood. They do not care about the effect they are causing on their neighbors. People smoking in the neighborhood affect me. It makes me feels unsafe. Whenever I am walking in my neighborhood and people are smoking, it reminds me of my uncle and all the pains he went through. I am afraid they may go through the same pain as my uncle one day. The smoke of the cigarettes affects me because it keeps entering my nose and it causes me to think that smoking is a good idea.

There are many parents who smoke around the neighborhood and I know that it is just difficult to stop others from smoking. What can we do to stop them from smoking? There are many options and suggestions, but in my belief, parents should stop smoking. If they refuse to stop smoking, I believe their children should be taken away from them. There should be a legislation saying smoking in the neighborhood is not allowed and if anyone disobeys the law they will be arrested and taken to jail. There should also be a law saying if you have children, you should not smoke because you are distorting the future of your children. If they see you smoking, they may think it is a good idea to smoke. If you do not follow the law, you will be arrested. There should also be a law saying that when you are driving by in the neighborhood, you should not smoke in your car because you are also affecting the people living in the neighborhood with the smoke from your cigarette.

There are millions of teenagers dieing from smoking because their parents cannot control them. Some kids find smoking so interesting because their parents were smokers while they were little and the smoke of the cigarettes got in their mind over and over, which is causing them to smoke now. They are dieing from smoking today. Some of them smoke because their parents were smokers and some of them smoke because their friends are smoking. Some of the parents cannot stop their children from smoking but there is a better solution that can stop them from smoking. The states and governments should stop the companies that are producing drugs and cigarettes from producing them. When teenagers take drugs and smoke, they do not listen to their teachers in class, and in the neighborhood they get into fights with their friends.

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