Margarita Ochoa

In this life, there are a lot of things that change, like in my neighborhood. It is a very boring place; the only thing that you can hear are the leaves of the trees falling down. Maguie, in my neighborhood, there is nothing to do. I’m really bored and there are not enough children to play with. If there are some children playing outside, the front neighbor gets mad and she starts screaming like “la llorona de Guanajuato”. Que grita mucho por sus hijos. (She shouts a lot for her children). She is telling us that she doesn’t want to hear any noise outside because her partner is sleeping and because they are tired. I don’t understand, but for that moment I thought that was not time to sleep. I thought that it was time to wake up and have a good time playing outside. At that moment I got mad, but I controlled my self

I really miss when I was a little girl, playing outside and nobody caring what I was doing. I remember when I played asta cansarme yo misma (until I tired myself out). In front of my house, where I was living when I was a little girl, it was a very cool place that everybody loved. The park was a very awesome place to play because it had slides, swings, and enough grass places to play soccer, run and have a picnic. Y ahora todo cambio. (And today everything changed.) Hmmmm…. I would like to know if those times are going to be back like I used to have when I was a little girl. Playing was totally different because the vivacious park where all the kids went to play was all great, all children were having a good time. My parents were laughing about my sister and I when we ran, laughing and playing crazy things like the twister. That is a really fun game to play and have a really good time with your family. But, now, my neighborhood is so boring that everybody is inside their houses.

The only one that is always in the back patio walking is the black cat. It is finding something to do. It makes you yawn and fall sleep. I think it needs somebody to play with. The poor cat doesn’t have a house; it’s always outside cold, hungry, and yawning a lot. It is the only animal that is around my house and my neighbor’s house. It is a rare sign of life in my empty, sad neighborhood.

What I really don’t like about my neighborhood is the night. It is very dark at night. There is not any street light and I’m scared to go outside because I think that somebody is going to scare me and the only little lights that you can see are the cat’s eyes. They are very scary, but sometimes I laugh at them because they are curious when you look at them at night. Also, there is a junky white car that is wasting space and I don’t like to see it there because it makes my neighborhood more boring. Especially when I look at the flat wheels; they even look bored. It stands there, doing nothing. Don’t you think Maguie? I hope this can change very soon; I’m tired of being bored. Another bad thing is that I don’t play with my brothers because I’m working all the time; doing my homework and my job.

Every time I remember my childhood, I feel excited because I want to go back to my childhood. When I remember my childhood, I feel excited and sometimes I cry. The time is going fast, and I don’t play with my dolls anymore. I don’t slide in the slides anymore like I used to do when I was a vivacious little girl. Remembering my childhood, it makes me feel like a child again, and I feel like playing with rainwater and mud, making chocolates cakes. That was very fun. I remember when my friends and I used to play Barbie’s in the park and we used to have cars, houses, beds, the dinner table, the airplane, clothes, musical instruments and a lot more things for them. We got a lot of things for them; I remember that we played for more than 2 hours. I like to feel that way. I hope this can change very soon. When it changes, I would like to write a letter to you again. Hope to write awesome things to you in that moment. I’m going to work so hard to change this to a better neighborhood. Hope it works Maguie. Well hope you enjoy your childhood and I’ll write you back. If there are some changes, hope to write to you about those amazing things in that moment.

True love,

Margarita Ochoa

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