Melissa Torres

Dear Daninza,

Hi! How are you? I want to tell you how proud I am of my neighborhood. I would like to tell you how pretty my neighborhood is and what I like about it.

I want to tell you about my neighborhood because it’s very interesting. There is a lot of Mexican culture around my houses and others. I like the way that houses are decorated. I would like you to visit my house to know my family and to see how pretty my house is. Some places in my neighborhood are dangerous, but our feeling of being Mexican makes everyone happy. I think if you come and visit me, you are going to love my neighborhood and you will like to come every day to visit my house. My parents want to know you and to see what kind of person you are because I always talk good stuff about you. And my mom always cooks Mexican food we can eat. That’s one reason why we don’t forget our Mexican culture.

What I love the most about my Mexican culture is the Mexican food and the traditional mariachi. I love when my abuelita makes delicious tortillas and the tamales. Even though I am here in the United States, I still remember my culture because my mom cooks delicious Mexican food and we have our Mexican spirit in our hearts. My mom always tells me that even though we are not over there, we still are going to remember our culture in our hearts.

Sometimes I am sad because I am not in the place that I love with my family. My mom tells me to hold on a little bit more so we can go to Mexico every summer. I go visit my grandma and my uncles, aunts, cousins, and my friends that I love to hang out with. I want you to come to my house and to see what you think about my neighborhood and to see what it looks like. Maybe you will like it because I like it a lot. That’s the only thing that makes me remember my culture.

Hope your mom lets you come over to my house so you can know my neighbors, my family, and the place where I live.


Melissa Torres

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