Mighty Tolwi

Dear Mac,

Hey dude, in my neighborhood it is like people don’t have jobs. You can’t hear the sound of the engine in the morning dude and in my hood, you will see only one car come out of its parking space. Dude, does the ocean still splash on your face in the morning to make you awake and make you go to work?

In our old hood, you could hear the sound of the engine starting and see the wife give her husband lunch. Sometimes, in my new hood, I can hear some of the neighbors talking about money and getting a job. I hear a mother saying to the father that babies need food and you need to get a job.

Hey dude, do you feel nervous when you walk into an office to interview? Does the office feel so hot, when the office is actually cool? Man, my job here is to babysit dude and take the trash outside. Do you still remember the time that your brother beat us up? Remember how I said that I was going to tell your mom he hit me. Your mom went to see him after that and she beat him with the same bat that your brother beat us with. She told him in the morning, “You will get a job,” and we never saw him again.

Hey dude, you have to get here in the summer. Then, it is going to be fun this year. Everybody is going to be here. If you come to America, you will have to work hard everyday. Here, when you get a job at the post office, you will get paid fourteen dollars an hour, but it is hard to get those jobs. Well dude, I will see you when get here. Here in America the first thing that you will need for a job is to fill out an application and copies of your bills. The person who is interviewing you will ask you some questions in English about your skills and why should we give you the job and not to the other people who know more and have the skills. It’s tough dude, but you can do it. See you soon dude.


Mighty Tolwi

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