Mohamed Konneh

Struggle in My Hood

I grew up with the struggle,
In my country and now
It’s the same hard struggle of
Immigrant life in the U.S.
When I look at myself, I see how my life changed
So fast with me,
All these years,
All the tears we let fall in the war in Africa
And now all the struggle and pain I put down in the U.S.

I can’t believe it is still the same old struggling
For a better place to live
Crying for help in my neighborhood.
Where nobody cares about me
When I look at my neighborhood
With the sadness, and the loneliness
As an immigrant, I have a hard time living in the United States
I struggle to speak a new language, work to support my family, understand this culture that is different from where I grew up.
When there is no one out there to count on for fun

My neighborhood reminded me of a place
I used to live in Africa
Full with the sound of children playing soccer
But as soon I moved in
Everything seemed different in this new neighborhood
No sign of kids playing outside on the playground
Loneliness in my neighborhood is too much
We have problems with our neighbors where nobody talks with each other

Even the sweet lady who always gives us fruits and cakes
I wish I could communicate with her better,
But I can’t, because we don’t speak the same language
It’s hard to find someone who
Could treat you like your parent
Someone who would care for you
And love you just like your parents
But I was lucky to find one
This old woman who always comes to my house
Almost every day to give us foods

As an immigrant I have a hard time living in the United States
With the loneliness, and the struggle in my Tucson hood
Sometimes I try to express how I feel about
This kind of situation in my hood
But it’s hard to tell
When there is no one out there
To count on for help
You know this life sometimes
Is not just the way we think it is
Sometimes I wish I have someone
To hang out with in my neighborhood
But it is hard to find one when nobody cares
I am so lonely in this neighborhood.

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