Rene Luque

How My New Neighborhood Influences My Life and What I Can Do About It

Since I arrived in Tucson, Arizona, I started to feel weird. I don’t know why, but I was sure that something was going to happen. When I looked at my neighborhood for the first time, I thought: “It’s a nice place. I will have a lot fun over here.” But now, today, I cannot find the fun and the smiles that I believed were here.

In my old neighborhood, everything was different. I used to visit my friends walking or they came to my home. Sometimes we played soccer on the street or played cards in front of my house with chips and money like a casino. Also we used to eat some snacks, like chips with Mexican dip or peanuts with chamoy; that was very fun and delicious.

In contrast, in my new neighborhood, I don’t know any teens that play soccer on the street or play cards games, maybe because it’s unlawful or against the neighborhood rules. So, I have to watch TV or play video games all alone. Perhaps every teen in my neighborhood does that. Usually I talk on the phone, dial up and speak with my family and friends in Mexico. I wonder what teenagers do in their free time. What are their hobbies?

In my old neighborhood, people hang out on most weekdays and go bowling, to the movies, to a girlfriend’s home, to restaurants, or for coffee. Here you could do the same, but it’s so expensive because here the life is more costly. For example, first you have to get a car to go at those places because walking you never arrive on time; the car needs gasoline. After that, if you want to go to the movies, it costs 9 dollars without popcorn, soda, or other snacks, which are about 5 dollars each. Clearly, it’s expensive.

Most likely, people in my Tucson neighborhood hang out only on the weekend. Maybe it’s just the lifestyle here and I’m not assimilating well to that style. I am accustomed to another life style. I heard from people who came here before me and they it says take a great deal of time accustomed to American life, about 3 years minimum.

Actually, I have never hung out with any of the neighbors or other people living close to me. I hope to get to know all my neighbors and make nice relationships with each other, to build some trust and confidence. Then those persons will have the desire to leave a little bit of their homes and visit their neighbors. Maybe by doing that it will seem like my old neighborhood, and I possibly will change my neighborhood into a happy and nice place to live, making a community effort to obtain that transformation.

Although, my neighborhood is very boring, it’s a nice place. It’s so quiet, relaxed and above all beautiful. It contains an awesome view of the mountains of Catalina and huge spaces to think about life and the future. For myself, it has helped me to obtain maturity. In my neighborhood I always think about God, my family, the problems of the world, my studies and my future.

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