Sethlina Impraim

Why is My Present Neighborhood Like a Cemetery?

Every morning I see myself
And my family alone talking.
I hear their voices in different tones.
I don’t hear anybody else talking or
Walking in my neighborhood but
All I can see and hear is the sound of cars.

I am tired of living in a neighborhood
Like a cemetery
Where there is nothing fun to do.
The one and only basketball hoop
That the kids can play with has fallen
Down and there is no one to fix it
In my neighborhood, all I can do
For fun is to be in my room
And watch movies or listen to music

My present neighborhood is full of sick and
Disabled people.
A neighborhood full of old people
There are no teenagers.
It makes me feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere
It makes me feel sad.
I keep asking myself “Is this my neighborhood?”
My neighborhood does not deserve the name “neighborhood”
It should rather be called a cemetery.

Let me take you to my past neighborhood
This was in Ghana. All the kids came
Together and played games like soccer,
Basketball and a game called mancala
The most exiting part was when two people were
Playing the game one had to win and the loser
Would have to drink a gallon of water on the spot.

The boys in my past neighborhood
Made us happy because they played music
Loud and organized dancing competitions
And there were prizes for those who win.
So many people came from different
Neighborhoods to watch or compete
With others and that was really exciting.

In my past neighborhood, which is in Ghana,
All the women gathered in one house to prepare food
And have fun together they organized get togethers
They all came together in one
House to prepare food and ave fun together
Every Saturday to show their love for each other

I was so happy to live in a country like Ghana
I felt so happy and I thought I would never move
To another neighborhood. But I was proven wrong
Everything has changed ever since I moved to my present
Neighborhood. I’m all by myself.

I don’t have fun like I used to have in my past
Neighborhood and I don’t have a lot of friends
In my new neighborhood to talk or play with
All this makes me sad, bored and it makes me
Feel like I want to go back to my country.
I hope all the neighbors will bring their heads
Together and do something fun for the young ones to
Have fun with; I think that will be much better.
I hope I will one day move to a happy neighborhood

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