Steven Jallayu

I Don’t Deserve a Dreary Neighborhood

Neighborhoods with more people, more socialization, and more exciting activities are never boring. A place where children cannot focus or socialize safely is not a safe place for them to live. A neighborhood that is dreary makes children feel that their life is not awesome. Teenagers need to feel free and have fun together. Eventually, your neighborhood should be your territory just as you take your property to be your favorite belonging. To make a neighborhood not dreary, we people should be able to chat with each other.

Actually, I am so glad I came to a country with more opportunities for teenagers like me. When I was in Africa, I had no opportunities because I didn’t even know what I was going to do in my life. In Africa, my neighborhood had more people, more socialization and more exciting activities. I didn’t really live in an elegant neighborhood. but I always lived in a neighborhood with so many humans and much conversation. As long as we humans work together, our communities are improving. Now, I don’t really chat in my neighborhood. The only place that I really chat a lot is in my house.

When I first came from Africa, I was living in an apartment where there were many Africans and many immigrants from around the world. Even though we didn’t understand each others’ languages, we still had the chance to have fun together. Some of my neighbors spoke Spanish, African languages, and others. We all spoke a little bit of English. All of my friends were very familiar with soccer. Every Saturday and Sunday, we all went to the park and played soccer together.

All my little brothers and sisters had so many friends. They had fun together almost everyday. When they first came into our house, my mother did not know them. My little brothers and sisters were the first to introduce their friends to my mother. My mother is an affable woman who likes to meet new people. My mother told the kids’ mother that anytime they wanted to visit, they were welcome. Sometimes my little brothers and sisters went to their house and stayed there for the whole day. Every time they came home, they brought home different kinds of songs. Sometimes I asked them, “What kind of song is that?” They would say that is Mexican music. If their friends came to our house, they all played African music and had fun together.

We lived in that apartment for one year. The manager of that apartment knew us very well, but decided to transfer to a different state. So, we had a new manager. As soon as the new manager came, everything was going wrong. She decided to make more people leave the apartment. After she found out that we were thirteen in a four room apartment, she didn’t really appreciate that idea. The next day, she told us we have two weeks to leave the apartment. When we were leaving the apartment to our new house, my little brother and sister were depressed. I think my parents know what is right for us and what is not right for us. When we were transferring our belongings, they told us that we wouldn’t leave there for the rest of our life. We were going to return to this apartment as soon as possible. And they all were excited for sometime. They thought that they were going to see their friends again. They never knew that our parents were encouraging them to make them happy. They thought that we were going to move back to that same apartment. We really loved that apartment but we had no choice and we needed to listen to our parents. They are the ones who brought us on earth and we can’t disobey them.

Now my little brothers and sisters are flourishing very well, but they need to grow up with more chatting that is going to help them with their English. My little brothers and sisters are always playing all by themselves in the backyard or sometimes in the living room. When I see them playing, I always have that kind of feeling that they are dreary. Sometimes, they all come with me to the park and get to meet new friends. Before we go home, they all just have to learn new words from their friends. If I see them with friends, that makes me so happy.

If my parents are all gone to work, my little brother and sisters and I will go in the living room and start playing very loud music. My little brother and I really like to dance. We both look just alike and have the same attitude. Sometimes if my little brothers and sisters don’t really feel like dancing, they just watch television for that whole day. Or sometimes, if they get out from school, they will all do their homework and sleep for the rest of the day. My little brothers and sisters don’t really deserve this lifestyle.

Right now, I think my neighborhood is the dreariest neighborhood ever. I don’t really know about other neighborhoods, but a benevolent teenager like me does not deserve to live in a bad neighborhood. Every time I get out from school, I just do my homework and sleep all day long. I don’t usually go outside. All of my friends live very far from me. To my belief, teenagers need to know each other for the next generation. If they don’t, the world will not be exactly the way we need it. Children don’t actually need to be in isolation or seclusion. That will make them not to be able to speak in public.

Sometimes I invite my friends over to my house, but they are busy. Most of them are working and even I myself am working too. Sometimes, we get to meet at school and have fun together. I really like staying at school better than staying at home. Whenever I am in school, I don’t really feel like going home.

Every time I walk all by myself, I just have that kind of trepidation feeling. To my thought, my neighborhood has so many ghosts. At midnight, the entire streets are all dark and empty. You can’t see anybody walking or hear any sound. This neighborhood looks very dangerous and it’s not for teenagers. My thoughts about this neighborhood are too many and I don’t really know how to express them perfectly, but I think I’ve made it clear that it is a dreary place for young people.

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