Ivonne Franco

Dear Nany,

Hi! How are you? I hope you are good. I write this letter because I am bored and I am going to tell you about my new neighborhood and my old neighborhood. My new neighborhood and my house are too noisy and dangerous. In my house my mom talks too loud – you know it. My sister Linda (la gorda) puts her music on and it is loud and annoying. Sometimes I turn the music off, but she turns it on again. I get tired of turning it off and I leave her with the music volume all the way up. I liked my sister when she was a baby because she couldn’t do anything and she didn’t like music very much. Then there is Eduardo (el lalo), who often starts to yell frighteningly like a little girl. He makes scary faces and puts his hands on his cheeks; sometimes it is too annoying because he starts to make a scary face for everything. Damariz (la cevollita) turns the TV on and she turns the volume all the way up. I turn it off, but it is impossible to leave it off. As for my dad, he doesn’t do anything noisy and interrupting; he is like me: going crazy.

Cousin, I would like to live with my grandma again because her house is a pretty place. It is not pretty like you imagine, it is more like your favorite place because you think more and do thinks silently there, not noisily like at my house.

This is only a description of my house, but outside it is even noisier. Usually there are a lot of people selling things, other people selling Mexican food, and cars that pass too fast. I have to be careful because it is too dangerous and yesterday there was an accident. It was on the corner and it was terrible. Almost all the barrio went outside to see the accident. That is my neighborhood right now where I’m living. I would like you to come and see it for yourself because I know I’m not lying. That is my new barrio, but let me tell you about my old barrio.

My old barrio where I lived was a calm place and relaxing. Everyone was inside cleaning the house or watching TV; that was every day and that was not rare. Sometimes it was boring because every day we did the same things. When I got a little bored, I played outside with my friend. Rather than watching TV all day, I would talk to our grandparents about things that I needed to know, or about what happened in school, or things that are not important and some that are important. That is a nice thing to do with our grandparents. I am thankful for them because they are such great persons. I like my old neighborhood because it is a place where we can relax, like the beach with the calm waves. It was a place where you can get rid of the stress.

That is all am going to write for today cousin because I think that you are not going to read 4 or 5 pages only of a letter. I hope everyone is well. I am going to wait for your letter, O.K.


Your cousin Lizbeth (La Liz Clarita)

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